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Russian Blue Kittent for Home, Pet-Class

A Russian Blue cat of any class can be a devoted household pet. However, if you don’t plan to breed or participate in shows, it’s worth choosing a pet-class. This group includes cats with a weak phenotype, whose price is much cheaper than their “documented” relatives. But they won’t love you any less because of it.

What is a Pet-Сlass?

Pet class Russian Blue – purebred cats with minor deviations from the standard, disqualifying features. They are not of interest for breeding because of a high percentage of passing defects to offspring.

This does not mean that Russian Blues of the pet-class are ugly, defective, or sick animals. When purchasing a Russian blue kitten, ask the breeder what specific characteristics the cat has. These usually include:

  • deviations in color (stripes on the paws, uneven color or a combination of several shades, mismatch of the muzzle to the standard);
  • mismatch of eye color to the standard;
  • insufficient or excessive hair length;
  • incorrect shape and localization of the ears;
  • unusual physique for a Russian Blue.

Important: breeders often classify Russian Blue kittens as pet-class even with minor defects that an ordinary buyer is unlikely to notice. These nuances do not matter for a cat lover, but are extremely important for a breeder.

If such a kitten cannot surpass its parents in breed characteristics, it is still healthy, beautiful, harmonious, and needs a friend and owner. Deviations that prevent it from participating in shows do not cause any inconvenience. With proper care and attention, it grows into a wonderful and loyal pet.


Unacceptable Defects of Russian Blues

Anatomical deviations are considered defects that make it impossible to sell a Russian Blue:

  • Incorrect bite;

  • Violation of bone formation or spinal column;

  • Bent tail;

  • Absence of one or both testicles in the scrotum of male cats (cryptorchidism).

Anomalies are usually associated with genetic factors. Acquired diseases often join them, which the weakened body of a Russian Blue kitten cannot fight.

Respected breeders will never resort to fraud by offering a sick kitten with genetic abnormalities to a client.

Special Features of Selling Kittens as Pets

The cost of Russian Blue kittens is influenced by whether they are suitable for breeding or not. If a kitten is sold as a pet, it will not come with a pedigree and will require mandatory castration or sterilization. These pets are sold at a lower price than cats classified as breed or show. Therefore, those who are looking for a companion pet usually choose them.

However, Russian Blue breed or show class kittens can also be purchased as pets. In this case, the breeder sells them at a reduced price, but they must be castrated or sterilized. This ensures that the purchased Russian Blues will not be bred in the future.

Why kittens Need to be Neutered or Spayed

This is necessary for the safety of the animal. Regular heat cycles in female Russian Blues and the natural instincts of male cats can cause health problems such as prostate or ovarian tumors, and pyometra. Pathologies like these should not be underestimated, as they can lead to fatal outcomes.

Failure to sterilize or neuter a cat can lead to changes in the animal’s behavior, which can put a strain on the relationship with its owner.

Reputable breeders take care of the sterilization and castration of their Russian Blues. This takes the burden off the future owner, as they won’t need to worry about the cost of the operation, and it guarantees that unscrupulous buyers won’t breed and sell kittens at a lower price. The cost of the service, as well as expenses for food, maintenance, and veterinary care, are included in the kitten’s price.

Looking for a kind, sincere, and affectionate friend? Via Emilia cattery breeds Russian Blue cats in Amsterdam, and we are always happy to offer you kittens raised with love and care.

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Kittens as Pets

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