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Russian Blue Kitten Reservation

Russian Blue kittens reservation

Kitten Reservation

The Via Emilia cattery offers a kitten reservation service for the Russian Blue breed in Amsterdam. You can purchase a pet from us for exhibitions, breeding purposes, or as a household pet.

You can choose a kitten that you like by browsing photos on our website or visit our cattery and see the kittens in person, learn about their living conditions, and meet their parents. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Kitten Reservation Terms

Russian Blue Kittens from the Via Emilia cattery are ready to move to their new home no earlier than at the age of 2 months with all necessary documents, including a veterinary passport, pedigree, and purchase agreement. Before this age, the kittens are not transferred to their future owner. Our furry little ones are breastfed and have constant contact with their mother. You have the opportunity to reserve a Russian Blue kitten, your perfect companion for life.


The reservation of kittens is made on the following terms:

  • The buyer chooses a pet and leaves a deposit of 300 euros.

  • The future owner receives a kitten reservation agreement specifying the purchase price. This document protects the interests of the seller and the buyer.

  • The reservation period is discussed separately between the parties and is fixed in the agreement. Staying in the cattery for longer than the specified period is subject to additional payment.

  • In case the buyer refuses the selected animal or does not pick it up within the specified period, it is put up for sale again. The deposit is non-refundable as it covers the costs of keeping the cat in the cattery, care, and compensation for the lost time.

  • The animal is considered reserved after the buyer makes the deposit and signs the agreement. In all other cases, it remains available for sale and is looking for a new owner.

Kitten reservation is possible for a period of one to two months. In case of a longer reservation, we send the owner photo and video reports on how the pet is growing and developing.

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