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About Via Emilia cattery

Via Emilia: A Certified Russian Blue Cattery In Amsterdam

With years of experience in breeding and selling Russian Blue cats, Via Emilia offers top-quality, healthy kittens that meet breed standards. Each of our cats is raised with care and love, ensuring that they are socialized and ready for their forever homes. 

Our expert team takes pride in their work and guarantees that you will receive a cat that meets your expectations and brings joy to your life. When you choose Via Emilia Russian Blue cattery, you can be confident in your purchase, knowing that your new pet is dewormed and free from any diseases or health issues. 

At our cattery, our cats are cared for by specially trained experts in the field of felinology. With their expertise and dedication to feline health, you can trust that your new pet will receive only the best treatment.

All our cats have excellent pedigrees, can participate in exhibitions, and receive titles. However, for now, they are simply members of a large and friendly family, with a beautiful Russian Blue cat named Max at the head of the family. Max is a current champion of Europe and Russia, and it is from him that the offspring of Russian Blue cats are reproduced in our cattery.

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What Our Russian Blue Cattery Provides:

  1. Mating – to avoid close breeding and ensure the purity of the breed;


  2. Registration and passport issuance;


  3. Care up to 4 months old;


  4. Healthy and balanced nutrition;


  5. Veterinary check-ups and timely vaccinations;


  6. Specially equipped premises where animals grow and develop;


  7. Upbringing and development, litter box and scratch post training.


We will introduce you to the kitten’s parents, tell you about their championship titles, provide documents confirming their pedigree. By purchasing a kitten from a breeder at an affordable price, you can be sure that it has a beautiful appearance, meets the breed standard, and has a character described in the description. Contact us now and see why we’re the best choice for cat lovers!

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