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Assistance in Transporting Russian Blue Cats to Europe and America

Transporting Russian Blue to Europe and America requires preparation: vaccinations must be done, documents must be prepared, and comfortable conditions must be created for the long journey. It is important to follow certain rules. How to prepare?

Choosing a carrier: features​

Each carrier has different requirements for transporting animals. Be sure to find out the rules before traveling. When traveling by bus, an extra fee may be required, and a separate seat may need to be purchased for the cat.

A carrier will be needed for the cat during transportation. To ensure the cat’s comfort, choose the carrier carefully:

  • sufficient length and height

  • reliable locks

  • free access to air

  • a container for water

  • the bottom of the carrier should be covered with an absorbent material and disposable pads.

If transporting the cat by plane, call the airline and notify them that you plan to bring a Russian Blue cat. There may be restrictions on the number of animals allowed. Some companies prohibit the presence of pets of antagonistic species (cats, dogs). The sooner you inform them, the higher the chances of traveling together on the same flight, rather than separate ones.

transportation in wooden crates is prohibited. If it is determined that the container does not meet the standards of the International Air Transport Association, the cat will not be allowed on board.

Transporting an animal by plane is considered to be excess baggage and is paid for separately.

Preparing documents

It is easier to transport a Russian Blue cat for owners who have prepared documents and given their cat vaccinations in advance. Otherwise, the following steps will be necessary:

  • Microchip the cat. The microchip contains information about the animal and the owner. Without microchipping, travel is not allowed. The date of microchipping should be earlier than the date of vaccination.

  • Vaccinate the cat and record it in the international passport. At least one month must pass from the date of vaccination.

  • Obtain a veterinary certificate to establish the cat’s identity. The certificate is valid for 5 days.

  • You will need to arrive at the airport early – the veterinary certificate will be exchanged for an international veterinary certificate.

Find out from the consulate of the country you are traveling to what the requirements are for bringing a Russian Blue cat. Sometimes a pedigree, proof of non-breeding value, and other documents issued by feline organizations are required.

Preparing your pet

Take a veterinary first aid kit, litter box, and water for your cat, and your journey will be comfortable.


  • Buy a carrier in advance. Let your Russian Blue get used to it and provide a cozy bed inside so that the cat wants to go inside. Then your pet will cope better with a long journey.

  • Transport several Russian Blues in separate carriers. There will be more space and ventilation, reducing the risk of overheating. Even the best friends can experience stress, aggression, and cause injury to each other.

  • Do not feed your cat 4-5 hours before the trip. It may make the cat feel sick. Offer water. Buy a bowl that attaches to the carrier and is easily filled without opening the door.

  • If you plan to transport your Russian Blue cat in the cargo hold, give them a light sedative approved by a veterinarian. The animal will sleep, arrive calm and rested.

  • When filling out the customs declaration, state the value of the animal below $1000. This will eliminate the need to pay a large customs duty.

  • Upon arrival at your destination, safely place the cat and offer food and water. Make sure the Russian Blue does not run away to explore the area.

Can’t travel with your pet? Contact specialized companies for shipping live cargo. Your Russian Blue cat will be delivered directly, and you can meet them in Europe or America. Our cattery has long established a high-quality channel for transporting pets to different countries, and when you buy a Russian Blue cat, you will receive all the necessary recommendations for transporting your beloved animal.

Need more information about the Russian Blue breed, care features, or relocation rules? Call the specialists of the Via Emilia cattery.

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